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Lladró's Showroom: The Fall Transformation By Lucinda Loya
Lladró’s Showroom: The Fall Transformation by Lucinda Loya

A brand new take at Lladró’s Showroom by Lucinda Loya

> A fall season transformation to go on for years and years to come <

Lladró’s space at the most iconic building in New YorkDecoration and Design Building, suffered a few changes in celebration of the Fall season kicking in. With pieces from BRABBU and its sister brands – all part of the same group we’ve came to known and love, Covet Group, Lladró showcased a different design concept that was the most talked about.

[BDCK category=3 Keywords=”BB-chair”][/BDCK]

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Out of all 130 showrooms at D & D Building –  Lladró stood out with the outstanding pieces it featured and the surprising shift in design it debuted. Designed by Texas Interior Designer Lucinda Loya, the new space was decorated with some of the most sought-out for design products in the world today.

See below our favorite ones:

Lucinda Loya at the Inauguration Day


Lladró's Showroom The Fall Transformation by Lucinda LoyaMaya | Armchair


Lladró's Showroom The Fall Transformation by Lucinda LoyaHermes | Sofa


Ibis | Dining Chair


Nanook | Armchair


Heritage | Sideboard


[BDCK category=3 Keywords=”BB-comercial”][/BDCK]


Lladró's Showroom The Fall Transformation by Lucinda LoyaMajestic | Sideboard


Lladró's Showroom The Fall Transformation by Lucinda LoyaKelly | Bar Chair


Winchester | Dining Table


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Just a hint? New York will have a brand new showroom that no one wants to miss out on.

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