2017 AD 100: ATELIER AM – New York Design Agenda


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Night Fever By Draga & Aurel
2017 AD 100: ATELIER AM
2017 AD 100: ATELIER AM

Atelier AM (run by couple Michael and Alexandra Misczynski) has won clients like Tom Cruise and Brad Grey by blending minimalistic architecture and classic antiques. Stay tuned for today´s article. Enjoy!


2017 AD 100: ATELIER AMIn little more than a decade Michael and Alexandra Misczynski, the husband-and-wife team behind the Los Angeles firm Atelier AM, have emerged as premier designers for serious art collectors and connoisseurs.

2017 AD 100: ATELIER AMThe duo’s sublime interiors, redolent of history yet in tune with the modern world, distill centuries of architecture and art. Diverse periods, styles, and materials are brought together in poetic juxtapositions: a Barnett Newman painting and classical Roman sculptures, centuries-old wood and silky stainless steel, Bronze Age artifacts and Machine Age masterworks.

2017 AD 100: ATELIER AM

But for all the bravura moments they create, the Misczynskis ply their craft with subtle discipline, a quality that has made them sought-after collaborators for preeminent modern architects such as Richard Meier and the firm Olson Kundig.

2017 AD 100: ATELIER AMOver the past 14 years, Atelier AM has become known for rooms that meld eye-catching antiques in settings that are both austere and deeply comfortable in a traditional sense.

2017 AD 100: ATELIER AMA few years ago, when the couple realized that over half their new jobs were on the East Coast, they decided it was time to advance from their tiny SoHo walk-up to a larger apartment that could double as a workspace. The Misczynskis now occupy the top floor of an 1898 brick building in lower Manhattan that once housed light manufacturing.

2017 AD 100: ATELIER AMThe irony of working so closely with his wife and sometimes putting children and clients above their own relationship hasn’t been lost on him. “Alex and I met on a New York job site in 1998—but it was totally a personal connection. It was there instantly for me. We were both working for other people at the time, and we were in a relationship that had nothing to do with aesthetics or design—that really wasn’t part of the discussion.”


Atelier AM“I don’t know that we’re a typical L.A. firm, but I don’t think that we’ll ever be a typical New York firm, either. We just kind of march to our own beat.”

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