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5 Things You Will Love About NY
5 Things You Will Love About NY

Hi there guys!

Here you’ll find a curated list of facts that prove NYC’s civic superiority and all the reasons that make not only New Yorkers proud but makes the rest of the world fall in love with the Big Apple.

Let’s check it!

1.You can eat pretty much anything at any time

5 things you will love about NY

It’s no surprise that New Yorkers have access to just about any edible they want, whenever the whim strikes. Late-night or early-morning options in most cities are limited to whatever’s on the menu at 24-hour diners or fast-food drive-throughs, but NYC round-the-clock culinary clout extends far beyond rubbery omelettes and greasy, overcooked french fries.

2. It’s impossible to feel nerdy here

5 things you will love about NY

“I’d rather be nine people’s favorite thing than 100 people’s ninth favorite thing,” goes a lyric in the Off Broadway musical. The point is that you’re in New York, not high school: Obsessions of all sorts are embraced.

3. NYC has the best menswear designers

5 things you will love about NY

Dudes don’t get the short end of the sartorial stick here: New York is home to a number of cutting-edge mens clothing designers.

4. Unlike other metros, new york’s subway runs 24/7

5 things you will love about NY

It’s fitting that in the city that never sleeps, the subway doesn’t either.

5. Even though some cities claim to have better coffee, New York has the most coffee

5 things you will love about NY

There is no shortage of ways for New Yorkers to get a cup of joe: Outdoor carts hawk highly caffeinated and overboiled muds in iconic Anthora containers, like everywhere!

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