An Affair with Luxury in Amsterdam: The Toren Hotel – New York Design Agenda
An Affair with Luxury in Amsterdam: The Toren Hotel  An Affair with Luxury in Amsterdam: The Toren Hotel toren41 944x390
An Affair with Luxury in Amsterdam: The Toren Hotel

Wherever life will take you, there will always be a place to Amsterdam.

The charming Dutch city is all about romantic scenarios, beautifull water canals, friendly people and, of course, utterly charming hotels.

From New York City to Amsterdam is a dream flight, from the madness of Time Square to the calm character of this old but beautiful Dutch lady. Amsterdam leaves no space for romance, it’s pure hot love. An affair with luxury in the country of flowers.

Somewhere right next to the city center is the gorgeous The Toren Hotel. The amazing place we stood for two days. “Designed to Charm”, is probably the most accurated slogan for this fabulous boutique hotel. Whoever wants to be treated to a unique and memorable stay in Amsterdam should stay at The Toren Hotel.

The_Toren_Hotel_Street_View_Amsterdam  An Affair with Luxury in Amsterdam: The Toren Hotel WLM   Minke Wagenaar   Toren Hotel 004

The hotel is elegantly designed for an stunning experience of burlesque and dramatic interiors and very warm welcome, combined with the beautiful surroundings of Amsterdam’s central canal area create a special atmosphere for relaxation.

The Toren is placed amongst the grand 17th century canal houses of the Keizergracht. The well known interior designer Wim van de Oudeweetering took charge of creating a chic, theatrical and slightly mystical ambience, in which style, warmth and comfort unite. The 38 guest rooms are all different and vary from small and elegant to spacious and stunningly beautiful.

Accordingly to Priscilla Visser, the super charming and friendly, Guest Relations, The Toren Hotel goal is to create a “lush, romantic design with a very warm, welcoming and comfortable environment”.

Let’s check some of their unique and voluptous areas:

– Reception

Reception_The_Toren_Hotel_Amsterdam  An Affair with Luxury in Amsterdam: The Toren Hotel l1060461

The moment you enter the reception you’ll see two great things: the most amazing and friendly staff; and, as well, a combination of textures and colors that immediately will blow your mind.

A strong character from strong colors, luxurious textures and powerfull details. Let’s go deeper on that with the rooms.

– Executive Suite Room

Hotel Toren Amsterdam Presidential Suite  An Affair with Luxury in Amsterdam: The Toren Hotel Toren

The rooms are like poetry: classy beds and over-detailed consoles whom transport you to the XVII century with a lot of Victorian motives. The bathrooms are modern and super chic, proudly exhibiting an amazing combination of minimalistic showers and a glorious jacuzzi.

– The Bar Lounge

The Toren Hotel Bar  An Affair with Luxury in Amsterdam: The Toren Hotel toren4

The Toren Hotel Bar Lounge Amsterdam  An Affair with Luxury in Amsterdam: The Toren Hotel 4141660534 c4c163ea37 o

Toren’s bar is a trip in time. Makes you want to have a gin in the most pure classic and exotic ambiance. Absolutely love every details.

This hotel has nothing to do with regular luxury hotel services. It’s totally unique in its own way of taking care of their guests. A 5-stars experience.

Let me share a little more of it’s history and location meaning.

Both canal houses are such unique buildings both from the 17th century and very delicate. Modern and luxurious touches are added whilst style respect the heritage of the building at all times.

One lovely detail includes the ceiling in the bar which has been painted by the students of Rembrandt. The most remarkable figure to have lived in the house was Abraham Kuiper, who lived from 1837 to 1920. He was the founder of the Dutch Antirevolutionary Party (ARP) and became Prime Minister for the Netherlands in 1901, after which he moved to The Hague. That is just one small part of the history of the canal property that is no known as the Toren Hotel.

I guess enough has been said. Mark my words: The Toren Hotel is the best place to stay to visit the lovely and biggest city of Netherlands: Amsterdam.

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