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The best-looking bars in NYC
The best-looking bars in NYC

No, it’s not booze goggles—the best-looking bars in NYC really are amazing. A mix of sultry cocktail sets, elegant wine bars and glowing whiskey bars, these places are sumptuous settings for great drinks in New York. Whether you’re looking for romantic things to do for date night or picturesque bars to go to alone, take a quick look at New York’s most beautiful bars!

best-looking bars in NYC


best-looking bars in NYC

Mother of Pearl

This cozy tiki den is full with time-warp connections to the Pacific isles, including retro floral-patterned banquettes, hand-carved totem pole stools and mother-of-pearl light fixtures.

best-looking bars in NYC

Gallow Green

In the early evening, the height of this dreamy, overgrown rooftop bar affords a regal view of the incredible West Side buildings and the amazing horizon, lending the place the feel of a garden party lost in time.

best-looking bars in NYC

Aldo Sohm Wine Bar

Sitting across the galleria from a seafood restaurant, Aldo Sohm’s annexed Wine Bar is far less buttoned-up than its big brother, but the level of detail here proves this apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

best-looking bars in NYC

The NoMad Bar

This fireplace-lit space goes back to the late 19th century, when the area was dubbed the Tenderloin due to its casinos, brothels and crime. Comes with no surprise that  the bar is the most crazy of the hotel’s bunch, a dazzling anomaly of a pub.


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6 years ago

Color me unimpressed, especially with Mother of Pearl.

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