Foursquare Offices in New York by Audra Canfield – New York Design Agenda


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Foursquare Offices in New York by Audra Canfield


Situated in New York City’s Soho, the modern offices of Foursquare, a location-based social networking company, boast a relaxed, fun yet productive vibe thanks to the work of interior designer Audra Canfield. In collaboration with Foursquare’s own CEO Dennis Crowley and Director of Finance and Operation, Derek Stewart, the foundation was for each meeting room to be themed according to users’ “check-in” badges. Let’s have a tour in these peculiar New York office.


Popping against the mainly grey and white canvas are the colorful badge symbols above each corresponding doorway. Accents like blue and yellow pillows, as well as toys, games and books in a rainbow all over the room.


Walls and exposed ceilings are pure white, as are support columns which lend a hip, industrial feel to the workspace. Contemporary furnishings are kept muted with modular sofas and ottomans and sleek conference tables, while the employee cafe features dark rustic picnic tables.


A common space basking in natural light features London-inspired red phone booths and a coffee table in the shape of Foursquare’s check-in icon. Ping pong tables, a shuffleboard, darts and a miniature foursquare court fill the game room.foursquareoffice-new-york-6

The popular Swarm room features a honeycomb patterned wallpaper and clock, while lighting pendants resembling hives highlight the long conference table. The Bookworm resembles a cozy reading nook, replete with plush leather chairs, table lamps, stacked books and wallpaper made of recycled magazines. So cool, so retro, so social… Incredible work!


With a balance between innovation, sophistication and recreation, the modern interior design of Foursquare’s inventive office space epitomizes today’s blending of progressive work-play environments. Who wants to work there? I do!

Via the Business Insider

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