Halloween Aftermath: Lighting Suggestions – New York Design Agenda
Halloween Aftermath: Lighting Suggestions  Halloween Aftermath: Lighting Suggestions Jeeves Wooster Pendant Lights
Halloween Aftermath: Lighting Suggestions

More than probabily, your home lighting is one of your concerns on the Halloween time. Today we choose some inspiration by Pia, mydeco.com Design Director, and some others from our personal taste to light up your home.

Lighting is indeed one of the most important elements in designing your home, it affects how you live and use your space. This is even more relevant at this time of year; the evenings are drawing in and lighting can play a crutial factor in making your home take on a cosy and comfortable autumnal mood.

Delightfull Coltranet  Halloween Aftermath: Lighting Suggestions coltrane unique fixture indirect light minimalistic lamp 01

Coltrane Wall by Delightfull

In small spaces try and light the corners, as this will open up the dark areas and make the room feel larger.

The Gubi SM-1 pendant looks great in a corner...  Halloween Aftermath: Lighting Suggestions The Semi Collection BonderupThorup GUBI yellowtrace 03

Consider the shape of the light fittings you’re choosing, as this will affect the distribution of their light around the room.

Also be sure to choose 3 levels of lighting e.g floor lamps, table and wall or ceiling, as this gives a well-rounded feel to your scheme.

DELIGHTFULL | UNIQUE LAMPS EMILY  Halloween Aftermath: Lighting Suggestions emily unique ceiling dining vintage lamp 01

… Or as a focal point for a dining room with this Emily by Delightfull, one of the top brands in NYC Design Stores.

Table lighting is an essential part of a room design; table lamps create a focal point for the room and in turn become a feature to be viewed.

Muuto wood table lamp  Halloween Aftermath: Lighting Suggestions lampe wood table bureau muuto1

Be flexible with your lighting choices as this allows the room to be used in different ways, which is very relevant to the way we live today.

Jeeves table lamp by Innermost  Halloween Aftermath: Lighting Suggestions innermost jeeves table lamp

If you can use dimmers with your lights, it’s worth it because it allows you to control the mood and warmth of the space, especially with ceiling lighting.

Stanley by Delightfull Unique Lamps  Halloween Aftermath: Lighting Suggestions stanley unique colorful ceiling dining kitchen lamp 01

Colourful Stanley lighting

The type of light bulbs you use in your fittings will affect the scheme hugely, so be considerate of where the bulbs are being placed and match them to their use.

I love these delicate light bulbs  Halloween Aftermath: Lighting Suggestions Light Bulbs

I hope you’re enjoying your Halloween, but don’t forget: lighting is the special touch to make your house warmer and admirable.

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