iSaloni 2015: DelightFULL’s new pieces are coming – New York Design Agenda


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iSaloni 2015: DelightFULL’s new pieces are coming

DelightFULL creations have always embodied a passion for innovation and a true dedication to the revival of local artisan craftsmanship. However, the brand felt the need to expand and express their love for retro design. They felt restless. So, the Essentials Collection was born.

iSaloni 2015 DelightFULL’s new pieces are coming
Think back to the retro chic era of the 60’s, during Hollywood’s golden age, when the definition of cool was behind the wheel of an Aston Martin and Bossa Nova notes echoed from the streets of Ipanema. This is Essentials. The collection born from the power combo of iconic design lines and luxurious golden details.

iSaloni 2015 DelightFULL’s new pieces are coming
The Monocles sideboard was the first piece of the collection born from the minds of DelightFULL’s design team coordinated by Diogo Carvalho. Great jazz musicians and iconic personalities once were used as muses to create the Heritage collection, nevertheless this time, they decided to enrich the brand’s world and inspirations by adding one more theme and venture into a whole new product category: furniture pieces.

iSaloni 2015 DelightFULL’s new pieces are coming 3
DelightFULL designers were inspired once again by the 60’s and 70’s, the cool era but they took it one step further into the Ian Fleming’s double agents world and added a Bossa Nova swing and a hand full of tropical sensations.
Essential’s products range from tropical Lighting fixtures to Rugs named after great movie directors like Polanski, Kubrick, Tarantino and more. The category Cocktail from which the Monocles sideboard belongs, has a selection of cabinets and tables made in solid walnut with golden brass details.

iSaloni 2015 DelightFULL’s new pieces are coming 4
DelightFULL has also introduced the category Lounge where you can find bar stools made in brass and red leather chairs named after great Bossa Nova musicians like Tom Jobim and Caetano Veloso. But the category that has caused more curiosity has been the Cruisers where you have three different types of bicycles ready to make your getaway ride more spectacular.
The most recent DelightFULL’s aim is to be more than a selection of luxurious furniture items, as they aim to redefine a new age through their iconic design shaped between tropical notes and shaken, not stirred martinis.

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