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Look Inside Zaha Hadid's First New York City Residence
Look Inside Zaha Hadid’s First New York City Residence

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New York City Residence

Jennifer Post and West Chin have suited up the late architect’s highly anticipated 520 West 28th Street. This was designed by Pritzker Prize-winning architect Zaha Hadid, it was her first project in New York—and also one of the last to bear the architect’s personal stamp after her unexpected death last year, making 520 West 28th, undoubtedly, an astounding tribute both to the architect’s signature style and to the city of New York.

Look Inside Zaha Hadid's First New York City Residence

“We made a building that very deliberately blurs the lines between art and architecture,” says Tiago Correia, the U.S. director of Zaha Hadid Architects describing his firm’s condo building at 520 West 28th Street. “That’s our way to pay tribute to the location, to Zaha’s work, and to the burgeoning lifestyle in the area.”Hadid had a fascination with the public park wich was used as a starting point for the building’s design. “For a pedestrian, the High Line creates a new way to see the city,” Correia explains. “For the fist time, pedestrians can see it from an elevated perspective, as though they were on an urban balcony. So this sense of layering is something we tried to develop in the project.”

Look Inside Zaha Hadid's First New York City Residence

This reciprocity between city life and personal life continues through the interiors, which were also conceived by Hadid. “One of the foundations of Zaha’s work is a strong connection between building and landscape, in this case, the urban landscape,” explains Correia. “So with this building, we have, on the outside, a very curved facade that creates a very recognizable new point of visual interest that also embodies the history of the neighborhood. Inside, we use the same curves to delicately frame the beautiful vista that opens from the project: the High Line, midtown, the Empire State, the Hudson. The building has this shape that captures the best in every facade and frames these views. It’s very deliberately done in an impactful way.”

Look Inside Zaha Hadid's First New York City Residence

“It is difficult not to be inspired by the city in an apartment like this,” says Post. “The views onto the High Line and the cityscape are iconic. The energy around this building at the heart of the city’s thriving art community is palpable. The apartments both look out onto and are an integral part of New York.”


Living Room by Jennifer Post

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6 years ago

Absolutely stunning!

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