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Mad Men interiors: the madness designs from the 60s
Mad Men interiors: the madness designs from the 60s

The American drama series Mad Men is a multi award-winning story, easy-on-the eye lead character Don Draper and fantastic fashion. But that’s not the point of this post.
The interiors are amaizingly created and dressed; and although the show is set in 1960s New York, these sets provide us tones of good taste inspiration for interiors today. So, make yourself a martini, put your cigarette on, get comfortable to enjoy the Mad Men interiors that we love:

Don and Betty Draper’s kitchen. Ok, the dark cabinetry and the patterned wallpaper might be bringing it for a kitchen design today but the iconic rotary telephone now available in a rainbow of colours, the chrome toaster and cafe style curtains are all retro touches still favoured today. The peninsula counter was very popular at this time and is still a favourite in American kitchens.

The Draper’s living room features mid century classics that could easily fit into a living room today. That huge sectional sofa would look seriously stylish in a large contemporary living space. The classically styled sideboard has been replicated and reproduced ever since and still remains a model in traditional and contemporary interiors.

The pale blue velvet headboard in the Draper’s bedroom is so luxurious and glamourous and. To bring it up to date you could pair it with crisp white linens and French mirrored bedside tables. The lampshades are also a touch of luxury and good taste on the room. Pure luxury.

Fifty years on and the furniture in the Sterling Cooper offices still look seriously stylish. The clean contemporary lines of these sofas and chairs are hugely popular today. Don Draper’s desk, on the right, features a black vintage table lamp that is an inspiration for a Portuguese lighting company Mad Men inspired: Delightfull. This Stanley floor lamps is just like the one you see on that famous desk of Don.

Roger Sterling’s minimalist all-white office pairs the now-classic Saarinen Tulip table with Artemide Nesso table lamp in a space that could easily be mistaken for the trendy Manhattan office of any top executive today, if it weren’t for the black rotary dial telephone giving away it’s age. These pieces are truly timeless and will add a classic designer touch to any space. We love it!

So, what do you think? Do you love this show as much as we do? What do you think of these interiors? Luckily, Don Draper, John Sterling and company are heading for the 6th season of Mad Men, bringing back the good old days of pure and fantastic design.

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