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Major Lighting Trends of Fall 2017
Major Lighting Trends of Fall 2017

Just like in the fashion industry, fall season bring new trends and design news into lighting industry. Discover the latest news and Major Lighting Trends of Fall 2017.

Gold Colored Light Fixtures

Warm metals are in vogue this season and they’re making appearances in many places throughout the home. Major lighting brands in the word are getting in on the trend, offering a variety of lovely gold-colored pendant lights and various gold sconces and lamps.

The chandelier that perfectly represent these lighting trends – Dorsey Chandelier from DelightFULL. Inspired by the acclaimed jazz trumpet player Tommy Dorsey, this mid-century modern chandelier is a unique lighting fixture that embodies the musicality of the 1950s. Dorsey is a handmade brass chandelier that combine the best of ancient techniques with the modern expertise of craftsmanship. The telescopic tubes that make up the body are gold-plated, while the lamp shades and the central part are lacquered a matte black. It is a unique chandelier, perfect for a mid-century hotel lobby, art deco-inspired restaurant or, simply, to decor private residences, especially as a dining room lighting fixture.

Major Lighting Trends of Fall 2017

Chandelier a Design Piece

Other emerging trend of Fall 2017 regarding lighting- strong demand for eye-catching chandeliers. Significant demand for value-priced designer chandeliers that don’t compromise on style are felt in the market. Nowadays consumers opt for dramatic upscale and extravagant chandeliers, moreover, they’re willing to spend extra money for the extravagant look.

What do we mean by that? DelightFULL’s designers created Laine suspension lamp with the mid-century vibe in mind. Inspired by the iconic era that brought so much culture to the world, this set of brass spotlights it’s simply poetic and extravagantly scenic design piece. Delicate golden plated telescopic tubes and glossy white finishing of the chandelier will only add beauty and a classical touch to your nay modern interior.


Major Lighting Trends of Fall 2017

Other option – Hank suspension light. Inspired by the iconic mid-century era, this modern lighting example brings a graceful and organic shape to any interior. This dazzling gold plated brass lamp combined with black matte finish makes it an irresistible choice for extravagance lovers. When it comes to decor, this marvelous and inspiring piece is highly recommended in a mid-century hotel lobby or living room.

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Major Lighting Trends of Fall 2017

Pendant Lighting

Pendant lighting isn’t a new major lighting trend, but it remains in demand in 2017. Many trend-setters are choosing to incorporate several fixtures into their interior designs, so multi-light pendants became an important category in lighting industry. Some current pendant lighting draws inspiration from the past, for instance, mid-century modern decade, while other pendant lamp styles are uniquely contemporary in design.

To illustrate this trend, we opted for Basie Pendant Lamp. It´s a mid-century style inspired pendant lamp perfect for any design project. With an elegant and alluring finish, this unique pendant adds a subtle elegance and sophistication to modern dining room lighting.

Major Lighting Trends of Fall 2017


Industrial Style Inspired Lighting

Another relevant style trend for 2017 is called urban industrial and if this is your decorating style of choice, you’ll want lighting that captures the mood. This on-trend indoor suspension lamp below makes an ideal complement to the industrial style aesthetic.

Inspired by the millions of vinyl records sold by the famous American guitarist, DelightFULL has created this elegant gold plated luminaire called Hendrix. It’s a proof that high-quality craftsmanship and ancient know-how can create stunning lighting fixtures. Its simple geometry was designed to ensure that all the five gold-plated brass tiers are struck by the rays of light in the same angle, creating a glare free illumination. The light is pushed downward in the funnel, then its dispersed, leaving a soft glow directly under it, at the same time it bounces back some of the lighting power upward on the dome. This ensures the creation of a warm and cozy atmosphere, perfect for an industrial style inspired interior.

Major Lighting Trends of Fall 2017

Chandeliers in Unexpected Spaces

This autumn 2017 interior designers are showing their creativity and going away from the classic concept of the chandelier placement. Although it isn’t a bad idea to put a chandelier in your foyer or dining room, you don’t need to feel like your chandelier placement is restricted to only these areas. Some interior designers are moving chandeliers out of the dining rooms and integrating them into kitchens or lobby decor instead, moreover, chandeliers are making appearances in unlikely spaces like bathrooms and walk-in closets.

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Major Lighting Trends of Fall 2017

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