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MBFW New York Fall in love with 2013 Fall collections
MBFW New York Fall in love with 2013 Fall collections

The Lincoln Center already missies all the fashionistas braving all the frigid weather with those amazing outfits, put together perfectly to embrace the New York Fashion Week.

Here we show some of the highlights of the event with designs put together by interior designers and if you think that doesn’t make sense, think twice into the world the fashion and remember all the fashion designers that get into home collection design, too. The proof of the great potential of these designers is the follow runway looks that are fabulous.

Kelly Wearstler

As interior designer Kelly has a quite impressive portfolio so you must expect the best of run way too. This fall she launched a small collection full of graphic inspiration.

The layers of textures, patterns and colours are the highlight of her collection, full of little details and very accessorize by her own design jewellery. Animal print blends with graphic patterns in vibrant colours or full back designs.kelly-wearstler01




Red Valentino

Playing with the fairytale inspirations launched a collection full of interesting aspects as the patterns, proportions, materials and colours. Brings the sweetest of the design by the hairstyle and accessories, as well as the high knees.

The collegiate rigid pleats on the coats skirt bends with a classical and well fit upper part creating interesting shapes.



Lauren Moffatt

Recognized by his cute and vintage design approach, Lauren Moffatt creates a collection presented in a cool wood house environment without forgetting the glam side of life translated in the sparkly skirt and well cut and fit bouses.

The details of those outfits are in the contrasting patterns brought by victorian and pop inspirations and the mixing of different scales patterns.




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