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5 Modern Design Ideas By Adjaye Associates. Cover Image
Modern Design Ideas By Adjaye Associates

Modern design ideas are sometimes difficult to develop for lack of inspiration. So today we’ll introduce you to one of New York’s most recognized interior designers, David Adjaye, who created the design studio Adjaye Associates.

Modern Design Ideas By Adjaye Associates

David Adjaye has built a global team that is multicultural and stimulated by the broadest possible cultural conversation since founding Adjaye Associates in 2000. David Adjaye has studios in Accra, London, and New York where he creates and distributes his modern design ideas. His work spans the globe.

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David Adjaye Modern Design Ideas

This article will look at David Adjaye’s modern design ideas in New York City. Don’t waste any more time! Enjoy the magnificent projects you will see in this article.

Modern Design Ideas Projects

130 William

Modern Design Ideas. Outside Of 130 William
Adjaye Associates
Modern Design Ideas. Details Of 130 William.
Adjaye Associates

130 In the United States, William is the first high-rise residential tower designed by Adjaye Associates. The 66-story luxury condominium, which rises 800 feet above the congested Manhattan metropolitan landscape, is a modern design proposition.
Adjaye Associates’ modern design concept offers a stunning Manhattan structure with a hand-cast concrete front that evokes the masonry work of the neighborhood’s historic buildings. Smooth bronze ornaments offset the primitive textures in custom-made colored concrete around the building. The building’s powerful form is established by large-scale, rhythmic arched windows, which were inspired by the mercantile structures that historically dotted the neighborhood. They also encourage natural light into the interior.

1199 SEIU United Healthcare Workers East

Modern Design Ideas. The Anton Refreigier Mural
Adjaye Associates
Modern Design Ideas. Quotes From Martin Luther King & James Oppenheim
Adjaye Associates

The Public Spaces for the new home of 1199SEIU, the nation’s biggest health care union, is a project that strives to symbolize the tenant’s ideals, culture, and accomplishments. The Anton Refreigier mural, which is recreated in the entrance hall and is the basis for the continuous walls of ceramic tiles that connect all of the areas facing the limbs, spanning across four stories, is found in Seiu’s original structure. It is commemorated in a historic mural depicting the SEIU’s fight for labor rights since its inception. Original murals portraying hospital, guild, and drug division workers transition to a depiction of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. making his “Salute to Freedom” address to the 1199ers in 1968 as he climbed the height of the members’ space on the bottom floor. Quotes from Dr. King and James Oppenheim are inscribed in bronze letters on the walls. Another of David Adjaye’s modern design ideas inspired by a great story and struggle.

Modern Design Ideas By Adjaye Associates. The Opulent Empire "Penthouse"

Sugar Hill Mixed-Use Development

Modern Design Ideas. Outside Of Sugar Hill
Adjaye Associates
Modern Design Ideas. Interior Of Sugar Hill
Adjaye Associates

Sugar Hill is a mixed-use development in Manhattan’s historic Sugar Hill district of Harlem featuring affordable housing, early education programs and a new cultural institution. The children’s museum and early childhood centre resonate with Adjaye Associates commitment to a wider urban and cultural responsibility. Through a series of workshops and planning meetings, the Adjaye Associates worked closely with the client and the local community to ensure the design tied into the history as well as practical and aesthetic requirements. The brief called for modern design ideas complementary to its surrounding environment of Gothic revival row-houses.

The Studio Museum In Harlem

Modern Design Ideas. Outside Of The Studio Museum In Harlem
Adjaye Associates
Modern Design Ideas. Interior Of The Studio Museum In Harlem
Adjaye Associates

Another of David Adjaye’s modern design ideas for the Studio Museum draws inspiration from Harlem’s brown stones, churches and bustling streets to create a dynamic sculptural exterior that stands out against neighboring commercial buildings. The building has a welcoming presence on the street, a center full of light that rises throughout the interior, and a hierarchical public hall that invites people to descend from the street to a multipurpose space that will be free and open to the public during the museum hours and used for presentations and casual gatherings.


Modern Design Ideas. Asaase
Adjaye Associates
Modern Design Ideas. Details Of Asaase
Adjaye Associates

David Adjaye’s first large-scale autonomous sculpture, Asaase, was inspired by his continuous thoughts on the origins of the black building and its link to the ground. The artwork takes the form of a maze of nested earthen walls that climb to a conical vertex, referencing classic works of West African architecture such as the Tiébélé royal complex in Burkina Faso and the walled city of Agadez in Niger. The project intends to speak about the temporal distinctiveness of location through the prism of both the present and the past, examining black areas on the continent in relation to a social gathering for families and communities. That is another one of the amazing modern design ideas by David Adjaye.

These modern design ideas from David Adjaye convey your personal character and a strong personality.

Modern Design Ideas By Adjaye Associates. New York Trends Moodboard


What do you think about the Modern Design Ideas By Adjaye Associates? Feel free to comment and share! Feel free to pin all the images to your Pinterest board where you keep the best inspirations. Explore our Pinterest boards for more inspiration about the amazing New York and the best events, arts and design world of New York State. Get more ideas for your interior design projects and find functional, stylish, sizable and trendy decor choices.

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