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Night Fever By Draga & Aurel
Modern Homes with Cedar Facades
Modern Homes with Cedar Facades

Charred, stained, bleached, or untreated, the seemingly endless aesthetic options of cedar makes it an appealing building material. Here you will find some inspiring projects, check it out!

Modern Homes with Cedar Facades

In the 1940s, the distinguished Canadian architect John Bland designed an elegant vacation house near Lake Masson in Quebec. Seven decades later, the mid-century gem was at risk for demolition.

Architect Alain Carle revived the home’s exterior by recladding it in fresh cedar planks, local stone, and black anodized aluminum. He also replaced the original windows—all damaged—and changed the sizes of some to respond better to the outdoors.

Modern Homes with Cedar Facades1

This New Zealand “bach,” located on a remote island 62 miles from the coast of Auckland and off the electricity grid, is designed around the rituals of communal food preparation, dining, and sleeping, and to be occupied for short periods of time. The structure consists of two rectangular, cedar-clad pavilions of different lengths, connected by a walkway that is permeable to the elements.


Modern Homes with Cedar Facades3

Laura Sohn and Carlos Anderson gave their eastern Tennessee neighbors nothing to complain about when they, with the help of local firm Sanders Pace Architecture, constructed a modern cabin nestled in a copse of cedar trees, hardly visible from the road. In fact, the 2,500-square-foot house—a modern rendition of a dogtrot, spliced into a Y shape and clad in black metal and western red cedar—attracts far less attention than its nearest neighbor, an abandoned farmhouse from the Civil War.

Modern Homes with Cedar Facades2

With its tall silhouette, narrow upper window, and blank face, this house in the Auckland suburb of Waterview could almost be a utility building, were it not covered in cedar weatherboards. Architect Andrew Lister designed the wedge-shaped building for actor Yuri Kinugawa and film producer Owen Hughes, with a high ceiling stud, open-plan interior, and a deck flush with the ground floor, based on the principles of the Direct Compass, a Japanese discipline related to feng shui.

Modern Homes with Cedar Facades4

A Connecticut home with a notable architectural legacy gets an expansive update for a family of six. Gray Organschi took down this worn-out 1970s summer home and reinvented it as a serene pair of bleached cedar volumes connected by a glass bridge.


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