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Modern Interior Design Projects By Champalimaud Design To Inspire You. Cover Image
Modern Interior Design Projects By Champalimaud Design To Inspire You

Modern interior design in New York is synonymous with Champalimaud Design. This interior design studio was founded by Alexandra Champalimaud, who is committed to creating transformative spaces and unparalleled products. In this article, we will introduce you to distinctive design projects by Champalimaud Design.

Champalimaud Studio And Your Modern Interior Design

Champalimaud Design is an interior design firm dedicated to producing extraordinary places and products. Its New York City-based studio is dedicated to expressing the unique character of each place via outstanding modern interior designs. Champalimaud Design has collaborated with clients to build some of the most distinctive properties in the world, combining context and heritage into engaging tales and unforgettable experiences.


Modern Interior Design Projects By Champalimaud Design To Inspire You

Modern Interior Design That Will Dazzle You

The particulars are where perspective is found. The Champalimaud Design philosophy is that the small elements in a room can accentuate the broader vision of the environment, transforming one’s experience and creating a sense of place. Champalimaud Design’s approach is based on European visual culture, guided by New York City’s vitality and ambition, and fluent in a global array of languages and perspectives. Creating a modern interior design based on a client’s desires. Textures and colors are used to convey emotion. Articulating a unique, visual vocabulary for each project and client.

Modern Interior Design Projects

Champalimaud Modern Interior Design – 12 East 88th Street

Modern Interior Design. This modern living room has a center table and a sofa
Champalimaud Design

This one-hundred-year-old structure, designed by Rosario Candela, combines prewar elements with contemporary architecture. Candela, the brains behind a handful of New York’s most desirable mansions, is a virtuoso of Uptown architecture and aesthetics. This modern interior design, 12 East 88th Street, is perfect for both formal and contemporary living and creates a perfect blend of old and new.

Inspired By The Look

Modern Interior Design. Neutral living room with a grey sofa

Champalimaud Modern Interior Design – La Dame de Pic

Modern Interior Design. This elegant dining room has dining chairs and suspension lamps
Champalimaud Design

Le Dame de Pic, a spin on the French word for “queen of spades,” this hotel has a modern interior design and exudes timeless grandeur with a very current point of view. The 56-seat restaurant was created with individuality and spirit, and is airy and light, elevated yet welcoming. Soft roses and deep plums are paired with gray clay tones and metallic elements, while a base relief of peony hangs from the ceiling.

Inspired By The Look

Modern Interior Design. This dinin room has dining chairs and a suspension lamp

Champalimaud Modern Interior Design – Waldorf Astoria

Modern Interior Design. Dining room with golden details and a great view
Champalimaud Design

Champalimaud drew inspiration from the Waldorf’s Art Deco origins for a much-anticipated remodel of the main nave of Waldorf Astoria, New York City’s first luxury hotel. Furniture and fixtures by Champalimaud evoke the classic Art Deco aesthetic, while Laliquity-inspired “coutard” patterned light panels provide a pleasing glow. Champalimaud’s signature plaster surfaces and bas-relief textures adorn the walls, paying homage to the property’s magnificent original craftsmanship.

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Champalimaud Modern Interior Design – 3550 South Ocean

Modern Interior Design. This bedroom has a bed , a great view and neutral tones
Champalimaud Design

Champalimaud was inspired by the style of Palm Beach to create a modern interior design that sparkles with contemporary beauty. Clean contemporary lines are softened by gray limestone, white and gray travertine, local coral stone, and white oak in a delicate color scheme.

Champalimaud Modern Interior Design – Rittenhouse Hotel

Modern Interior Design. This living room with a great view has a sofa and a center table with a wooden structure
Champalimaud Design

In Philadelphia’s historic Rittenhouse Square, The Rittenhouse Hotel is a prominent landmark. Champalimaud was commissioned to reposition The Rittenhouse for the future, creating a modern interior design with historical inspirations and the relevance of art to the neighborhood’s vitality.

Champalimaud Modern Interior Design – The St Regis Beijing

Modern Interior Design. This living room has a hybrid aesthetic of European and Chinese
Champalimaud Design

As a celebrated host to visiting dignitaries and heads of state, the St. Regis Beijing undertook an ambitious renovation to strengthen its position as Beijing’s premier accommodation for the 2008 Olympic Games. This modern interior design created by Champalimaud addressed functional needs, including better utilization of the Garden Lounge and gardens and the creation of an appealing day-to-day dining experience.

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Champalimaud Modern Interior Design – Niseko Green Leaf Village

Modern Interior Design. This bedroom in neutral tones has a bed
Champalimaud Design

Champalimaud achieved a complete renovation of the ski-in/ski-out Green Leaf Hotel in Niseko Village in just eight months. This major YTL Hotels development includes 192 rooms and eight suites with unobstructed views of Hokkaido’s Mount Yotei. Working within the hotel’s modern, Japanese architecture and breathtaking setting, Champalimaud focused on creating a modern interior design in order to provide a memorable experience for guests.

Inspired By The Look

Modern Interior Design. This modern bedroom design has neutral tones


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Written by Ana Caboz

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