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New Luxury Furniture by Boca do Lobo
New Luxury Furniture by Boca do Lobo

We never miss a chance to check Boca do Lobo’s website. Never! And curiously we always find something new and… unexpected! These guys are unbelievable and the Big Apple really needs their stunning designs, don’t you think? Every interior design falls in love with their collections. And now they have 4 amazing novelties that NY Design Agenda will pass along with you.

Marie Thérèse Wall Mirror

Marie Thérèse Wall Mirror


Marie Thérèse represents Marie Antoinette’s dynasty that we have created to reinterpret our large-scale wall mirrors. Marie Thérèse is a non-traditional mirror, a sculptural piece, with sensual curves. It is an unparalleled woodwork, an undeniable mastery of form. True beauty is reflected in this mirror with a hand-carved-wood-frame, colored in bronze. You will be enticed to touch the sculptured frame to appreciate its beauty. Marie Thérèse embodies the quality and integrity of an original piece of art.

Symphony Golden Tubes Cabinet

Symphony Golden Tubes Cabinet

Symphony Golden Tubes CabinetA symphony may take forms and developments absolutely unexpected, varying with the taste of the composer. Unlike the concert, in a symphony, even when some instruments are silent, others continue playing, always together. And that’s the aura that Symphony sideboard carries as it is a conjunct that brings design, sophistication, beauty, grandeur and luxury.
Symphony sideboard is one of the most exquisite pieces to grace the Limited Edition collection. A cluster of polished brass tubes envelope an exotic wood structure, creating a harmonious artful juxtaposition to rhythm of the pipes.
Handcrafted with the finest materials, this breathtaking limited edition piece is in a genuine style, ensuring mystery and elegance.

The Crochet Triology: Center Table, Bedside table & chest

The Crochet Triology: Center Table, Bedside table & chest

Crochet Chest
Every once in a while, Boca do Lobo runs across Portuguese architecture, culture and art. And this time, it happened again with the recreation of this beautifully design and meticulously handcrafted chest. Crochet is now bigger and wider than the original one, yet this distinct and timeless design piece exhales a powerful presence. It encompasses baroque, eclecticism, and a blend of modern and traditional reference. Drawing inspiration from the old and primitive, to new and modern art, this piece is built with great attention to subtle detail and proportion. The method of crocheting was also reinterpreted in this piece through the forging of 60kg of polished brass pulls by a local jeweler resulting in a mesh, which adorns the sinuous silhouette of the contemporary piece. These pulls can also be copper plated. Crochet is made from wood, finished with a golden leaf with translucent shades like champagne and crème. The elegance of champagne and the warmth of crème are a striking combination that will create a sophisticated ambience.

Crochet Bedside Table
Boca do Lobo is known as the “jeweler” of furniture design and each piece carries the artisans’ own passion and emotion. When a piece like Crochet is set in a home, and surround it by a new way of life, the piece takes on its own unique identity, combining original inspiration with the pride of ownership. That’s why we decided to reinterpret the chest and give it another use. Crochet bedside table will provide ample space to keep lingerie, as well as anything else that needs to be stored. The elegance of champagne and the warmth of crème are a striking combination that will create a sophisticated ambience to your elegant bedroom.

Crochet Center Table
Today as ever, we invest our homes with our passions, our love of beauty and our desire to live with simplicity, ease and elegance. This sensational piece was inspired by the traditional craft of crochet, a process of creating fabric that consists of pulling loops of yarn through other loops. Crochet, a masterstroke of overindulgence, prevents the eye from settling. Glittery swaths of shades of champagne and crème polished brass layered over the entire gold leaf surface make for a center table that we can imagine in Liberace’s living room. Its tempered smoked glass top rests on a perfectly wood finished with a golden leaf base. Crochet center table includes a generous storage space in its interior – discreet and very useful. Crochet will add a touch of elegance to your home décor since it was created to translate a desire into beautiful, well-made center table inspired in tradition, designed for modern lifestyles.

Eden Center Table Series


Eden table has proved to be a big hit with art collectors once they make a statement without dominating the space. Due to this rare fact, and for being a high-end furniture piece, we have decided to reinterpret this exclusive center table by giving it a higher custom sense and versatility.
We have created a system that can be used in varied combinations, that can be easily adapted to different needs of its users. The materials are the same: melted metal with a gold plated finish. However, each one has a different size that can be combined together in multiple ways according to your taste. We present 3 different sets composed by mini Edens with variable heights such as 42cm, 39cm, 36cm, 33cm, 30cm, 27cm e 24 cm.

These are the perfect pieces for dynamic people who devote themselves fully to creation and recreation of cosmopolitan luxury environments. Ideal to decorate clubs, hotel lobbies and contemporary living rooms, the new set allows you to refresh your home decoration whenever you want.

Useful Information:
Small SET (160xm x 125cm) composed by 7 tables
Medium SET (190cm x 132cm) composed by 8 tables
Large SET (230cm x 140cm) composed by 16 table

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