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New York City Guide: Harlem Stores, Manhattan  New York City Guide: Harlem Stores, Manhattan 1336159451 manhattan 02 g
New York City Guide: Harlem Stores, Manhattan

New York City is well known for it’s cultural diversity, it’s contagious energy and the ability to regenerate any hidden tendency by a suburban rumour that turns into trend.

Socially and culturally speaking New York is a case study. An universe of worlds packed in a single Babel full of stories with people inside.

New York is all about design. And that’s what really move us. Let’s go to Harlem, Manhattan.

Manhattan, New York,   New York City Guide: Harlem Stores, Manhattan DUMBO

You can’t have a conversation about the cultural diversity of Manhattan without including the village of Harlem. So it says the famous and remarkable Design Sponge. Harlem, simply put, is music, food and more food and the repository of a rich historical legacy. Harlem is simply taking in its energetic atmosphere and landscape to rise as a must go place for New York visitors.

Find here some of our cultural and shopping suggestions for you to discover:

History & Culture

Apollo Theater New York  New York City Guide: Harlem Stores, Manhattan apollo theater

Striver’s RowAstor Row: Designated landmarks of architectural row house gems and a sublime walk back in time.

The Schomberg: The Schomberg is not a museum; it’s actually a New York City Public Library dedicated to all things African American history and black culture. Its halls are historic, and there’s always a great exhibit on display.

Apollo Theater: The Legendary Apollo Theater is a part of black music’s legacy and is the original American Idol. There is also a black music walk of fame in front of the Apollo on Harlem’s main vein, 125th Street.

Studio Museum in Harlem: Contrary to popular belief, the Studio Museum is not a black history museum; it is a modern art museum that features modern art interpretation by artists of color. The museum also features a wonderful permanent collection of celebrated black artists including Romare Bearden and Jacob Lawrence.


Lenox Lounge Bar-Manhattan  New York City Guide: Harlem Stores, Manhattan Lenox Lounge

Swing a Concept Shop: An inspiring luxury boutique with whimsical eye candy and decor/lifestyle knickknacks.

B Oyama: Featuring tailoring and ties, B Oyama is a Harlem haberdashery for the well-dressed man.

Carol’s Daughter: A dizzying array of fragrant natural beauty products. I die for their Lemon Ginger Mint Manicure in a Jar and their Rose Honey Body Cleanser. Hidden Gem: the Backroom Spa for a drool-inducing mani-pedi.

Harlem Flo Boutique: Floral ateliers and divine floral arrangements.

HueMan BookStore: It’s not Barnes & Noble, nor should it be. Here you will find a wide selection of diverse African American authors, as well as an awesome collection of diverse children’s books.

Atmos: If you’re a sneaker freak, this “kicks” boutique is the place for you.

HarlemUnderGround: Hands down some of the most fashionable custom tees in New York City.

Harlem Vintage: A knowledgeable and helpful wine staff that KNOWS their wine. Bonus: A great selection of $10 and under wines and weekly tastings.

Malcolm Shabazz Outdoor Market: Here you will find predominately West African textiles: fabrics, sculpture, decor and jewelry. Located at 116th and Malcolm X Boulevard/Lenox Avenue.


More to come here, on New York Design Agenda.

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