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New York Palace Hotel Jewel Suite Designed By Martin Katz
New York Palace Hotel Jewel Suite Designed By Martin Katz

Even in a growing crowd of ultra expensive accommodations, the Jewel Suite at the New York Palace hotel stands out. The Diamond Suite was also an amazing example on how to stand out with amazing projects.

The only thing more eye-catching than the cost — $25,000 a night, according to The New York Times — is the design. Jeweler Martin Katz helped BBG-BBGM create the 5,000 square foot suite, which is 53 stories high in the New York Palace.

Katz has adorned Forbes’ 400 business leaders, celebrities and dignitaries with his contemporary jewelery inspired by vintage pieces. It is sold in only two locations, his exclusive Beverly Hills boutique and Bergdorf Goodman in New York City.

The Jewel Suite is the first Katz helped design and his influence is certainly felt. Take a photo tour of it below:


This is the overview of the Jewel Suite. The only Hotel that comes with a Diamond Ring on the package.
This is a chandelier Katz designed for the space. The 20-foot “Waterfall of Diamonds”  flows through the stairwell of the three-story suite.


Here’s another view of the “Watefall of Diamonds.” Below the TV there’s this display case with China jewelry, artistry and exclusive jewelry designs by Katz are displayed throughout, including suspended crystal “jewel boxes.”


This is the view of the Jewel Suite, a 15-foot windows that offers some great views of New York City.

The New York Palace - Jewel Suite

Each guest who books the Jewel Suite for its regular nightly rate receives an original Michael Katz Diamond Miccroband Ring that has a retail value of $2,500. Guests can also arrange a meeting with Katz for private showings, design consultations and private creations in the suite’s viewing room (above) — an uncommon level of access to the famed jeweler. How exclusive is this?

Moreover, the level of intimacy reach its maximum when we visit the bedroom.

The New York Palace - Jewel Suite Masterbedroom

Amazing views, amazing design and lots of comfort is present in this picture. The master bedroom has everything it takes for a comfortable stay with a great view for the City.

New York becomes even more magical from the Jewel Suite Terrace.
The New York Palace - Jewel Suite Terrace ViewProbably one of the most exclusive and eccentric Hotel Suite in the world.

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