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5 New
5 New York Projects by Champalimaud Design

Alexandra Champalimaud is the Founder, President and Principal Designer at Champalimaud, a full service interior design and interior planning firm specializing in bespoke, high-end hospitality and residential design.

Alexandra received and early education in Switzerland and England and later on finished her design training in Lisbon, at the Espirito Santo Foundation. Her work clearly reflects the astonishing personal experiences and work commissions to Europe, Africa, South America and Asia. Her astonishing talent and taste guarantees the perfect application of color, pattern and texture based on the foundations and principals of classic design.

Each project includes unique aesthetics which respects the client´s needs, the time place and cultural context of each one.

The Madison Avenue Condos in NY is a project which can be distinguished by its elegant styling and bespoke luxury environment. The pastel color tones and sophisticated textures express clearly Champalimaud´s taste for the European Design.


5 New York Projects by Champalimaud Design5 New York Projects by Champalimaud DesignHas for Hotel matters, off course Champalimaud would have its name in the Luxurious Hotel in Manhattan, the The Waldorf Astoria. This monumental Hotel is an insight to Manhattan´s history, its traditions, legacy and iconic status since it has welcomed every US President since Herbert Hoover.

5 New York Projects by Champalimaud DesignThe topping Rose House, was a project based on the heart of the Hamptons which would have to reflect the idea of a refuge to whom has a pleasure to book a room.

The rooms have different features that characterize them as a exquisite relaxed and sophisticated environment.

5 New York Projects by Champalimaud DesignThe Flatiron Residence was also a project of Champalimaud in which one can clearly observe the intermixture between the recurrent Classic European design style of Champalimaud and the contemporary style represented in the mixture of light colors with the bold gold reference in the lamps and the placement of the wood branches. 5 New York Projects by Champalimaud DesignThe E2 Restaurant is another Champalimaud top interior design in NY. The room is displayed according to the European Style, with round tables organized through the room. However it also as a touch of  Modern Style with the clean and crisp geometrical shapes and brass.5 New York Projects by Champalimaud Design5-new-york-projects-by-champalimaud-design-10SEE ALSO: 3 ELEGANT INTERIOR DESIGN PROJECTS BY MARKZEFF Explore our pinterest boards for more inspirations about the amazing New York City and also about NYC’s events, arts and even design world.

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