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pantone-antoniolanzillopartners  Pantone has Colored Kitchens! pantone antoniolanzillopartners 01 anteprima 600x347 612656
Pantone has Colored Kitchens!

In the history of international design the color was more of a leading role. Pantone the parent company of the legendary “bible of color”, since 1950 carries out a complete mission: to create a right color for everything. For the Salone del Mobile the company launched a new exclusive universe of household appliances. Pantone presented a concept collection more colorful than ever conceived by design studio Antonio Lanzillo & Partners.

pantone-antoniolanzillopartners  Pantone has Colored Kitchens! pantone antoniolanzillopartners 01 anteprima 600x347 612656

Revolutionary, fresh, young, naïve, 2.0, intuitive, ergonomic, home automation … appliances are working overtime at Pantone, born from the intuition, creativity and technology of the design studio Antonio Lanzillo & Partners. It will be officially presented in Milan during the Salone del Mobile, April 17 to 22 in via Savona 26, headquarters of the international design week.

pantone-antoniolanzillopartners-02  Pantone has Colored Kitchens! pantone antoniolanzillopartners 02 anteprima 600x600 612664

With this project, the Lanzillo Antonio & Partners is the interpreter of the philosophy of Pantone, creating a line of appliances customizable in different shades selected by Pantone palette. The line of appliances is characterized by a “flat” design to integrate well in any kitchen. We saw the same design in the UK’s top designed offers at “Wrenkitchens”, they were offering a couple of branded kitchens like Pantone. The image is stylistically coordinated with that of Pantone, where every appliance is marked with the famous white band, which shows the legendary brand and code of color used from a central seat of the control display.

Each product, directed by a multi touch OLED-style Pantone is technologically advanced! Leveraging the language of home automation, ie automation and remote control, home appliances are coordinated with each other, managed through a smartphone with a dedicated software. It is an innovative and revolutionary designed design that will make more and more unique the heart of your home: the kitchen!

DYT-cuisine-pantone  Pantone has Colored Kitchens! DYT cuisine pantone 1

It can be described as an ideal choice to give birth to a minimal context or create synergy games in a contemporary setting. It can be perfectly in tune for a dwelling irresistible colors pop and glam in a location. For whom the house is large or small it will be a habitat for them to customize it from the details. The pantone designed is dedicated to those who color is the soul of existence … and the house is the place of true emotions.

What will be the brand of appliances that will take the fly color revolution in the market and will enter the world of contemporary pop collection Appliances Pantone Concept by Antonio Lanzillo & Partners?

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