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PDT, a New York bar on the top of the world  PDT, a New York bar on the top of the world img 0058
PDT, a New York bar on the top of the world

Drinks International, based out of the UK, has published its version of the World’s 50 Best Bars list.
From secretive speakeasies that require walking through phone booths, wardrobes and hidden, unmarked doors, editors and bar professionals around the world selected their picks for the best barsaround the world.

New York and London dominate the top 10 list, watering holes from 16 countries are represented along the way, including bars from France, Spain, Denmark, Spain, Japan, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates and Russia.

But what brings us today to New York Design Agenda is a bar named PDT.

PDT INTERIORS NEW YORK  PDT, a New York bar on the top of the world pdt interior

PDT (it stands for Please Don’t Tell) is something of an oddity – yes, like the Space Oddit from the revolutionary David Bowie -, a cocktail lounge affixed to Crif Dogs, an East Village hot dog joint. You gain entry through a vintage phone box within Crif and enter a too-cool speakeasy-style space. You buzz the phone, wait, and eventually a hostess opens the secret backdoor. She may or may not let you in. That kind of folderol would never fly in New Orleans, but it’s worth it for the drinks inside. PDT is arguably the nation’s top cocktail bar.
This is a well reserved place, all the interiors all classic and the benchs make you feel secretly comfortable to enjoy your drink.
Cocktails are high-quality, thanks to mixologist Jim Meehan, and beer-lovers are also well-served. If hunger kicks in you can order food from Crif’s next door: hot dogs and burgers in the main, great for soaking up booze and keeping a steady head. The whole concept seems too quirky to be true but it works very well.

Jim Meeham PDT New York  PDT, a New York bar on the top of the world portrait mg 8147 282 29 megapod

This is one of New York best bars, so don’t hesitate and have a drink inside if you are on the neighborhood.

PDT (Please Don’t Tell)

113 St. Marks Place, New York, NY 10009

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