Pepe Calderin Design: Home’Society Design Talks – New York Design Agenda


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Pepe Calderin Design: Home'Society Design Talks
Pepe Calderin Design: Home’Society Design Talks

Pepe Calderin Design is an Interior design firm based in New York and Miami that specializes in creating high-end residential and commercial spaces that are infused with energy and warmth. With over 20 years of experience, the firm has received national and international design awards for a wide range of spaces, styles, and projects on four continents.

Pepe Calderin Design has received accolades for its innovative, energetic, and visionary approach to the modern design process, with the philosophy that “a space has no boundaries and limitless possibilities.” The core initiative is to create an open, dynamic environment in which people can thrive and grow. Each project becomes a distinct reflection of the client’s unique personality, lifestyle, and spirit by cultivating an intimate connection with them.


Exclusive Interview With Pepe Calderin

Pepe Calderin Design: Home'Society Design Talks.

The Home’Society Design Talks initiative aims to explore all aspects of interior design, and this exclusive interview will provide you with more information about Pepe Calderin’s path, passion, and aspirations.

How It All Began

Pepe had no idea he was passionate about design; he began as a young man looking for work when he got into an architecture firm with around fifty-sixty employees and learned design by simply watching architects work and designers design. He began assisting both, and this is how he learned to be a designer.

Pepe Calderin Design was founded a few years, in 2010, after he studied commercial art. His business partner with whom he had started businesses retired and Pepe’s obvious next step was to establish his own company and brand it with his name.

Miami Beach Residence – Pepe Calderin Design

The Secret To A Successful Team

In order to “take your interior design projects to the next level,” Pepe believes that having a great team to work with is essential. According to him, treating them like family and having a good relationship with the clients is what allows you to grow, and making mistakes is part of the growing process, it’s always another opportunity to learn something new.

“First of all, you have to have fun, you know, to work in this type of business, it’s good to have that kind of atmosphere where people are happy and have fun and you treat each other as if you were family, and that’s the way to really keep your office going and have people happy and together.”

The Source Of Inspiration

Pepe believes that inspiration is something that comes from within. It’s not something you choose. “I get inspired, you know, within, and actually the clients sometimes are your inspiration.” … “I would say my inspiration comes from my heart.”

Residential or Commercial Projects? Which Are The Hardest To Accomplish?

Pepe considers both types of projects hard; it all depends on who you’re dealing with. The more people involved in the decision-making process, the more complicated it becomes. Because there are more people to deal with, commercials are usually the most difficult projects to accomplish, but both have a lot of emotions. “On a residential is different, sometimes you have to be a referee, the husband and wife may not agree on things, and you have to be able to make things work.”

Upper East Side Residence – Pepe Calderin Design

The Most Exciting Project

Pepe’s most exciting project is always the most recent one he has completed, or the next to come. “because it’s always the last inspiration that you had, the last thing that you worked on, for me always the last or the next is the best…I like the inspiration, and that drive to be able to create something new, is so much fun.”


Pepe Calderin collaborated with Home’Society’s sister brands, Essential Home, DelightFULL, and Mid-Century Club to design the ultimate dream home that captures the essence of Miami. This magnificent luxury penthouse project offers us design excellence, high-quality furnishings, and an incredible view of one of the city’s most luxurious marinas.

This incredible modern penthouse design features 14 different experiences flowing across two floors on top of one of Miami’s most luxurious skyscrapers, with a carefully chosen selection of costume furniture, bespoke lighting, and unique art pieces.

“You asked me before about what is the best, well that is the most exciting because it was one of the last things that I did,  it was amazing, it was a lot of fun to be able to create something like that, they were very accommodating, extremely good, it was a really beautiful experience. “

What Is The Future Of Design?

“Design is endless, and will be there forever, as long as we have the mind to create, you know, and a heart, design will be there. It’s great that you guys actually have come into the market, you guys are kinda pretty new to this market, which I think it’s great because we were limited in things we had before… you have created a new niche, of a new design level, with great quality, I think it’s fantastic what you guys are doing.”

What Does Design Mean To You?

Pepe used to say that design has no boundaries and endless possibilities, but then he wrote something when he was interviewed by Love Happens Magazine, and when asked “love happens?” he automatically thought “when you’re in love,” so he concluded that love happens when you love to design.

Watch The Full Interview


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