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Radiant Chandelier Lighting by KOKET
Radiant Chandelier Lighting by KOKET

Nothing quite completes a room design like a radiant chandelier sparkling from the ceiling. From modern to traditional, minimalist to extravagant, there are many types of chandelier designs available to interior designers. KOKETs chandelier collection conveys the empowering yet feminine approach of the luxury brand’s design aesthetic with faceted crystals, gleaming brass and sleek glass elements. For your next luxury chandelier look at the most radiant chandelier lighting from KOKET.

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Radiant Chandelier Lighting by KOKETThe Gia family consists of the Gia and Gia II chandelier and Gia pendant light. This stunning chandelier lighting eternally captures the beauty of a calla lily bloom in cast metal, delicately suspended from your ceiling. Strikingly alluring yet modern, the Gia is an award-winning choice for your room design.

Radiant Chandelier Lighting by KOKETThe timeless Eternity’s have several design options including three different chandelier designs and two pendants. The elegant silhouettes of these chandeliers take their brilliance from the skillful application of the crystals. The eternal circles are individually wrapped in brass and placed with astonishing attention to detail. With either black, clear or amber crystals, the end result is a radiant source of light.

Radiant Chandelier Lighting by KOKETThe Vivre collection all feature natural agate slices offering the perfect glow when the light pours through. Available in round, square, rectangular or two-tiered, the lighting also has the option of changing the color of the semi-precious stones. With vintage details and a modern profile, the dark neutral tones and the exquisite patterns in the agate stones are uniquely captivating against the light and the gold metal which embraces each stone in perfect harmony and balance.

Radiant Chandelier Lighting by KOKETAs one of the newest members of the KOKET lighting collection, the flawless round brilliance of the Kasehsiah chandelier evokes an alluring visceral pleasure at first glance. A polished semi-sphere is sprinkled with sparkling crystal droplets adding a touch of elegant femininity to this modern chandelier.

Radiant Chandelier Lighting by KOKETThe Hypnotic chandelier is aptly named as this sleek and elegant chandelier will hypnotize its audience. You will become mesmerized as the intricately fashioned chandelier coils and bends in golden spirals; weaving itself elaborately within the sharp polished lines of the hexagonal silhouette. The canopy features the graceful metal detailing pattern mounted on sleek lacquered wood.

Radiant Chandelier Lighting by KOKETThe Nymph chandelier portrays the innocent drama of a whimsical butterfly through the enchanted journey of life. Embracing the wild side of this rare and beautiful animal that so gracefully bejewels the lighting fixture, delicate metal butterflies hover in the air in perfect harmony composing an overblown dramatic silhouette, which gives shape to a luxurious chandelier.

Radiant Chandelier Lighting by KOKETAnother new addition to KOKETs opulent lighting, the Roxy chandelier is just as thrilling and desirable as her name implies. Four decadent metal orbs are surrounded by glittering crystal sunburst panels surrounded by a metal halo. Look too closely and this luxury chandelier will steal your Hart.

Radiant Chandelier Lighting by KOKETThe last new addition to the lighting family is the intoxicating and textured Amaretto chandelier. The light plays off the tempered glass panels that compose this luxury chandelier, bound together with a metal “belt” embellished with a fierce croc pattern detail.


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