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Secret Bars of New York City
Secret Bars of New York City

Some people think they don’t exist, that speakeasies are the things of history books and old-time movies, but New Yorker’s know that is in places like these that some of the best cocktails in the city are hiding.  Check out some of New York most amazing speakeasies!

Secret Bars of New York City

Milk and Honey

Go to Eldridge Street on the Lower East Side and find a store front with a suit hanging in the window and a sign that says, “M&H, Tailors, Alterations.”  Enter through the slightly beat-up metal door to the right of the window.The bar is one of three joints owned by celeb cocktail artist Sasha Petraske.  Known for its inventive and nuanced cocktails, Milk and Honey is the place to go for a refreshing twist on the ordinary cocktail.

Secret Bars of New York City

Little Branch

Go to the corner of Seventh Avenue and Leroy Street.  You’ll see a single rusted metal door with no signs but a bouncer outside.  Once inside, you’ll go down a long stairway to get into the bar. Another bar by Sasha Petraske, Little Branch’s bartenders know their stuff! Tell them what you’re in the mood for and they’ll come back with a delicious concoction that’s soon-to-be your new favorite drink.  Don’t know what you want?

Secret Bars of New York City





The Raines Law Room

On West 17th Street, find an unmarked stairwell and ring the doorbell at the bottom to get in.Each table inside the bar is outfitted with a private button used to call on the server – airplane stewardess style.

Secret Bars of New York City

PDT (Please Don’t Tell)

Walk down a set of stairs into the Crif Dogs restaurant on St. Marks Place. Look for an old-fashioned phone booth.  Step inside, pick up the phone and press the buzzer…once.  Not twice.  A voice answers and, after approval, the wall of the phone booth opens to let you into a small room with a bar at its center. PDT is not just a great place for having a few delicious cocktails.  While drinking at the bar, patrons can order food from Crif’s kitchen.  Surprisingly the pairing is rather tasty and you’ll feel like a V.I.P. in a secret bar, getting food to your order passed through a secret wall.

Secret Bars of New York City

Death & Co.

Find a storefront on East Sixth Street with wooden panels in place of windows. The name Death & Co. is printed in metal on the sidewalk in front of the bar’s main entrance.  Give your number to the bouncer at the door and he’ll call you when you and you group can come inside. Great time and attention is paid to drinks at Death & Co.  Each specialty drink is stirred about 40 times and taste tested by the bartender before serving to ensure perfection.




Ready to start a journey through the hidden places of NYC? Tell us what you expect to find in a comment below!

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