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Shinola top bicycles_New York Design Agenda  Shinola top bicycles Shinola top bicycles
Shinola top bicycles

Shinola is one of the trendiest brands of the moment and the men’s and women’s bicycles, that are built in the USA and hand assembled in Detroit, are one of the most wanted items. We’re presenting some of the coolest bicycles models by Shinola.

Shinola top bicycles_womens runwell  Shinola top bicycles Shinola top bicycles womens runwellThe Women’s Runwell

The Women’s Runwell has an urban style, is pratic and gorgeous! The new step-through frame features a much lower stand-over height. Meticulously designed for predictable and smooth handling during urban riding, the new Runwell features an American-made lugged steel frame and fork. The Women’s Runwell retains much of the DNA of the original, including custom Shinola front rack and fenders, with a classic blend of urban style and practicality.

Shinola top bicycles_runwell  Shinola top bicycles Shinola top bicycles runwell

The Runwell

Inspired by the enduring French style of Porteur bicycles, first used by newspaper couriers in Paris, The Runwell delivers a classic blend of urban style and practicality. Meticulously designed to yield the best characteristics of a lugged steel frame and fork, we’ve engineered The Runwell to handle predictably and smoothly for city riding, commuting and errand running. The Runwell is truly a unique and worthy voice in the crowd. You can choose your Runwell in black, blue, dark orange, light orange and red.

Shinola top bicycles_bixby  Shinola top bicycles Shinola top bicycles bixby

The Bixby

We love the easy style that a cruiser bike implies, but not the impracticality of the slack frame geometry and cumbersome handling. The American-made steel frame and fork are designed for comfort, utility and smooth urban riding, in dry or wet. The Bixby is offered touches like gender-specific saddle design and proportional geometry. Like The Bixby’s big brother, the Runwell, The Bixby frame has custom Shinola dropouts, fork crown, rack and fender mounts and internal cable routing. The Bixby has it all. Available in char, dark green, gray and navy.




Limited Editions

Shinola top bicycles_copper  Shinola top bicycles Shinola top bicycles copper

Cooper Bike

Built in a limited edition run of one, and never offered for sale, this bicycle uses a Shinola women’s Bixby frame built at Waterford Precision Cycles in Wisconsin. The bicycle was displayed in the booth at Baselworld, and has been shown at a number of events and retail stores.

Shinola top bicycles_tandem  Shinola top bicycles Shinola top bicycles tandem

The 1969 Schwinn Twinn Tandem

The refurbished 1969 Schwinn Twinn tandem was discovered at a bicycle flea market in Ohio in the spring of 2013. It has cleaned, de-rusted and painted in order to maintain the integrity of the history of the bike. Original hubs, cranks, seatposts and stems were painted matte black to match the frame prior to reinstallation, a master piece of bicycle!




Which is your favorite bicycle? Tell us in a comment bellow!

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