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The Office Refurbishment Process: From Initial Consultation To Design And Build
The Office Refurbishment Process: From Initial Consultation To Design And Build

If your organisation is looking to undergo an office refurbishment process, you should be aware that there are a number of phases to the refurbishment project that need to be undertaken before the final refurbished office area is in place. Office design consultants can assist your organisation through every single phase of the refurbishment project, from the seeds of ideas at the beginnings, to the completion and grand opening of your new refurbished office place.

The Office Refurbishment Process: From Initial Consultation To Design And Build

Initial Consultation

These initial consultations are intended to observe and review a number of different aspects about your current office space, and record the requirements of the customer and identify potential changes. The PRINCE2 form of Project Management states that you cannot have a project without a justified business case. This initial consultation phase of your office refurbishment process is all about recording the different needs of your office area, the workers within it, and the required changes, all to develop that business case and the beginnings of a project plan.

Current ways of working: What is the current office area available? How many workers are to be located within the area? Is the functionality of the office space to be changed or simply refurbished and updated? How do your workers currently use the existing office? If only a refurbishment is required, are there opportunities to streamline the office area to save on space? Can you introduce new facilities such as a kitchen area within the office, communal printers/photocopiers etc.

Expected benefits: What do you wish to achieve from your office refurbishment and re-design? Are you after a more modern appearance? Are you looking to rationalise premises by introducing a more efficient desk layout and save on space? Are you looking to introduce more efficient ways of working for your workforce?

Design Phase

Once the initial consultation has been completed, both you and the supplier should have a firm idea as to what is to be achieved from your office refurbishment. The project can then go into the design phase, where the office design consultants will resource in expert office designers to produce plans for your potential new office layout based on the specifications set from the initial consultation period.


Once the designs have been signed off, your office refurbishment can begin and the project can move from the pen and paper phase to the hammer and nail phase. This part of the project will be fully project managed by your chosen office refurbishment provider, right through to the completion of your brand new office space.

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