The Surrey Hotel in Manhattan – New York Design Agenda
Roof-garden-the-surrey  The Surrey Hotel in Manhattan Roofgarden 02
The Surrey Hotel in Manhattan

Nestled in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, The Surrey hotel is both a familiar destination and an unexpected delight. They offer their guests authentic service, cultural inspiration and singular experiences at every visit.

The-Surrey-Hotel-Lobby-Chuck  The Surrey Hotel in Manhattan LobbywChuckClose

The-Surrey-Hotel-Lobby-Bench  The Surrey Hotel in Manhattan The Surrey Lobby Bench

Exceptional moments at The Surrey extend well beyond your accommodations. Whether you prefer entertaining in the private roof garden, indulging in a relaxing massage at Cornelia Spa or dining at your favorite table at Café Boulud, personality and personal preferences inform our service from the moment you make your reservation

The new lobby’s Art Deco-inspired black-and-dove gray palette is echoed in the generously sized rooms (the bathrooms are particularly large), with wide Duxiana beds. Not everything is an unqualified hit—in particular, the weird table lamp with a shower curtain-like shade—but there’s a real vision and playful sense of idiosyncrasy at work here.

The-Surrey-Guest-Salon-Span  The Surrey Hotel in Manhattan The Surrey Guest Salon Span

Surrey-Penthouse-dining-room  The Surrey Hotel in Manhattan Surrey Penthouse dining room

The good design and cheerful, unpretentious staff aside, this isn’t a hotel meant for lingering—the only public spaces are the snug lobby, the chic Bar Pleiades, Boulud Cafe (which also provides the room service), and the private rooftop garden—but why would you want to, anyway? One block south is the gray bulwark of the Whitney Museum, and one block west is Central Park.

Built in 1926 as a residence hotel, the original Surrey was home to many of New York’s most eccentric celebrities over the years. JFK. Bette Davis. Claudette Colbert. Famous faces who recognized the allure of exceptional, discreet service. In re-creating The Surrey, we collaborated with acclaimed interior designer Lauren Rottet and paid special attention to maintaining the integrity of this history while modernizing what has become New York’s most intimate address. Rottet’s inspiration was a New York City townhouse passed down through the generations, the keeper of a lifetime of memories.

The-Surrey-Hotel-Rooftop  The Surrey Hotel in Manhattan The Surrey Rooftop

The-Surrey-Bar-Pleiades-Room-Span  The Surrey Hotel in Manhattan The Surrey Bar Pleiades Room Span

Finally the roof garden says everything about the classy and unique view from the NYC downtown, on the Upper East Side!

Roof-garden-the-surrey  The Surrey Hotel in Manhattan Roofgarden 02

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