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The Top 10 Modern Stools by ELLE Decor
The Top 10 Modern Stools by ELLE Decor


Designers Chuck Chewning and Heather Moore size up these versatile little wonders that can work in virtually any modern home decoration and take on any number of roles.

#1Jean Prouvé’s Tabouret No. 307
By G-Star for Vitra

The-Top-10-Stools-by-ELLE-Decor-vitraThe French designer’s 1951 stool has been reissued as part of Prouvé Raw, a collaboration between denim company G-Star and furniture manufacturer Vitra. “This is classic ProuvÉ–very industrial, very simple,” Chuck Chewning says, pointing out the tractor-style seat and tubular steel legs. Heather Moore envisions one or two scattered around a modern living room. “It’s really comfortable,” she adds, praising its ergonomics.

#2 Loto Simplice Stool
By Antonio Citterio for Maxalto

The-Top-10-Stools-by-ELLE-Decor- Loto Simplice Stool

“So sculptural–this works as a decorative object,” says Moore of the stained-oak stool. It could also double as a side table and hold a serving tray, she suggests. “I like how the ribbed frame resembles a cage,” Chewning says. “The hole in the center is a nice detail–it gives you additional views and sight lines.”

#3 Ole Wanscher’s Egyptian Folding Chair
By Carl Hansen  & Son

The-Top-10-Stools-by-ELLE-Decor-Ole Wanscher’s Egyptian Folding Chair

Created by the Danish designer in 1957, this folding stool pays homage to early Egyptian furniture. “It’s a beautiful piece–you can see the ancient influences,” Chewning says. “The saddle- leather seat will develop a wonderful patina,” he notes.

#4 Gunn Stool
By Jeffrey Alan Marks for Palecek

#4 Gunn Stool By Jeffrey Alan Marks for Palecek

The stool’s distressed finish reminds Moore of the work of Jean-Michel Frank. “It’s urban and sophisticated,” she says. Chewning admires the reeded top and X base. “I love how the design has been modernized with these angular, TinkerToy-like feet and joints,” he adds. He imagines a pair tucked beneath a hall table or used in a seating group.

#5 Charlotte Perriand’s Tabouret Méribel
By Cassina

The-Top-10-Stools-by-ELLE-Decor-5-Charlotte Perriand’s Tabouret Méribel

This 1960s design nods to the architecture of MÉribel, France, in the Alps, where Perriand had a home. “This takes the stool back to its roots,” says Chewning, who sees it adding a rustic touch to a contemporary living area. Moore would use it in a children’s room: “It’s scaled for kids, plus it’s virtually indestructible.”

#6 Tanek Stool
By Made Goods From Mecox Gardens

The-Top-10-Stools-by-ELLE-Decor-Tanek Stool“This is a conversation piece,” says Moore of the traditional Japanese stool encased in acrylic. She pictures it in a collector’s home, as part of an eclectic mix. “I think this is genius,” exclaims Chewning. “It could be an art object as well as a piece of furniture.” When it’s not being used as a stool, he adds, “It would make a fabulous table.”

#7 Trinco Stool
By Lia Siqueira From Espasso

The-Top-10-Stools-by-ELLE-Decor-Trinco Stool

“I love that there are no straight lines on this,” Chewning says. He praises the woodworking, from the doweled construction to the hook closure, adding, “This is for someone with an eye for detail.” Moore agrees, admiring the stitching on the leather seat. To her, the folding design is both familiar and fresh: “It’s based on campaign furniture, but has a modern feel.”

8. Carved by Boca do Lobo


"most contemporary stool"

The soft curves lines of the enigmatic Carved stool and its versatility are rather appealing. This modern stool with unique characteristics possesses smooth curves for a more modern and sculptural appeal. And due to its functionality, Carved can also be a table for lateral support of chairs and sofas. Carved stool is available in gold, silver or copper leaf covered with high-gloss varnish. And adjusted to the preference of the owner, Carved is also available in different colors such as emerald, lapis, amethyst or citrine.

9. Tiffany by Boca do Lobo

"best contemporary stools"

The soft curves of Tiffany stool and its versatility make this piece even more appealing. This modern stool with unique characteristics possesses smooth curves for a more modern and sculptural appeal. It can be a functional piece table for lateral support of chairs and sofas. Tiffany stool is available in solid oak wood, oak or mahogany. It’s made from a technique that results from the collage of various laths or wastes of wood to form the wanted dimensions.


10. Leroy by Boca do Lobo

"most contemporary stools"

Leroy wooden stool was elegantly drawn in simple clean lines. It is a functional piece that embodies a timeless appeal and it is a brilliantly crafted wooden sculpture, a small work of art. Leroy can be used as a stool or a small side table for lateral support of chairs and sofas. Leroy stool is available in either solid oak or a mix between oak & mahogany.

Via Boca do Lobo Blog

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