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The top five New York art exhibitions this summer
The top five New York art exhibitions this summer

Summer is not only a holiday season but also good time to pay attention what’s going around and check out some top art shows in the city. Here you will find the list of those really worth to visit, enjoy!

Michelle Segre, “Porous, Porous” (until August 2)

The top five New York art shows this summer1

It’s hard to pin down Segre’s work, though her mixed-media sculptures do appear to contain bits of DNA from the work of Alexander Calder and David Smith: She combines the former’s surreal whimsy with the latter’s penchant for composing objects pictorially, less in the round than as flattened forms suspended in space.

Though Segre also creates drawings that often achieve an almost psychedelic busyness, the pieces presented in this 24/7 MePA storefront showcase are sculptural. The fact that they can only be viewed from the street like a window display emphasizes the interplay between two and three dimensions.

“Titus Kaphar: Selections from Asphalt and Chalk” (until August 31)

The top five New York art shows this summer2

Kaphar’s chalk drawings on asphalt paper picture the faces of young African-American men layered one on top of the other, creating eerie multiplications of facial features that make them seem alien, somehow. The source for these images is highly personal: His father Jerome had been incarcerated, and while researching his dad’s time in jail, the artist came across mug shots of men also named Jerome. Using this discovery as a jumping off point, Kaphar’s portrayals powerfully depict these subjects as pawns caught up in a system of white supremacy that refuses to differentiate them as individuals.

“Eureka” (until August 14)

The top five New York art shows this summer3

Cosmology, metaphysics and inspiration for science provide the works in this far-out group show, which includes Tim Hawkinson’s basket-weave model of a wormhole, Alfred Jensen’s numerology-based painting and Julie Mehretu’s schematically nebulous canvas. Space is the place.


Niele Toroni (until September 6)

The top five New York art shows this summer4

Born near the Italian Alps in Muralto, Switzerland in 1937, Toroni was part of a generation of ’60s European minimalist painters who adopted strict sets of rules to create their work. In Toroni’s case that meant airy, all-over patterned compositions made by applying a series of the same short brushstroke, spaced the same distance apart in all directions—an arrangement that produced a sort staggered grid with each interstice separated by a generous amount of  space.

While limited, this approach afforded a surprisingly wide range of variations in terms of shape, color, scale and format, including works executed on paper, fabric and in some instances, directly onto walls as site-specific murals. This pocket survey provides a brief précis of the artist’s 50-year career.

“Bronx Calling: The Third AIM Biennial” (until September 20)

The top five New York art shows this summer5

The Bronx’s Museum’s AIM (Artist in the Marketplace) showcase presents a selection of works by up-and-coming artists who’ve participated in the museum’s two-year AIM program. This year’s roundup is as lively as ever, providing a must-see opportunity for anyone looking to catch the art stars of tomorrow.


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