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TOP Interior Designer NYC: SAM Simon
TOP Interior Designer NYC: SAM Simon

Sam Simon believes in creativity, hope and work. Based on this, Mr. Simon built a business from the ground up, literally.TOP INTERIOR DESIGNER SAM SIMONThe sidewalks of Boston are where this work began. Creating larger than life chalk drawings; he pulled colorful images out of those dark grey slabs of concrete. Mr. Simon created his first commercial works on those sidewalks and handed out cards to anyone who would stop and chat that read “I can do any art project with love and style.”  ….and he still does.TOP INTERIOR DESIGNER SAM SIMONSam Simon is inspired by mid-century illustration books, Dolly Parton, Japanese super cute aesthetics, Vintage Dishes, Art deco, Fashion, and Music. Even little things that probably nobody notices inspire his color palates. ”On rainy days when everything looks silvery, I notice how automobile brake lights shine out like neon rubies.”  – Sam Simon.TOP INTERIOR DESIGNER SAM SIMONSEE ALSO – BEST HOMES IN NYC: CONTEMPORARY TRIPLEX BY AMY LAU 

Composition is very important when thinking of everything from furniture, textiles, artwork, even how to choose the right necktie. Everything benefits from good composition and editing. Getting rid of something is just as important as adding something. Above all things Sam Simon holds true to a few design rules that he learned, the first from his father: “Good style comes from within and not a price tag.”  The second design rule was gleaned from Roz, the salty queen of the China Department at Bloomingdales where Sam worked as stock boy in high school.  In between dramatic drags from her cigarette Roz, with her raspy Boston accent would say, “If ya got fancy china, get simple silva, if ya got fancy silva get simple china,” The 3rd is one he picked up on his own, “If all else fails, cover it in glue and roll it in glitter”TOP INTERIOR DESIGNER SAM SIMONSam Simon loves living and working in NYC, and sharing his home with his charming partner and their 2 feline friends. In down time Mr. Simon can be found hanging out on his rooftop and listening to loud music….occasionally when the right song comes on he dances around like a Muppet.TOP INTERIOR DESIGNER SAM SIMON

SEE ALSO – EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT BDNY We also know for a fact that he has some other projects on the way and, as soon as we get our hands on those, they sure are coming up on our blog!



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