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unique_lounge_ideas_sio_cover  Unique Lounge Ideas unique lounge ideas sio cover
Unique Lounge Ideas

NY Design Agenda is going to tell you a story. A romantic and inspiring story. Join us in this amazing story.unique_lounge_ideas_sio_6  Unique Lounge Ideas unique lounge ideas sio 6

Sio Creation is a design studio headed by Igor Sitkilov. Like many young talents, Igor began his professional career with some years of study at the University, when he took part in the development of design books and printed advertising materials. The real breakthrough in his career came with the beginning of work with interior design – Igor’s main passion. An undeniable talent and sense of taste allow the author to successfully experiment different textures of materials and to combine various styles and colors.unique_lounge_ideas_sio  Unique Lounge Ideas unique lounge ideas sio


Unique Lounge Ideas bb lighting 750

A few time ago, Igor and his team were contacted by someone who wanted to make the most amazing surprise. This woman wanted to offer her husband a very special gift for the time of their marriage celebration: the idea was to create an ambiance where they could forget the world and spend some time together. The request was a modern space (not too classic, not too contemporary) with some masculine details. Once they are passionated travelers, she asked for an eclectic space. And she got it!unique_lounge_ideas_sio_3  Unique Lounge Ideas unique lounge ideas sio 3

In order to achieve this demand, Sio Creation Team developed a modern space using a dresser with a chinoiserie style, that was used as inspiration for the whole space. Even so, they get the perfect look, not being too much classic.unique_lounge_ideas_sio_5  Unique Lounge Ideas unique lounge ideas sio 5

Stay with more luxury interior design projects developed by the company, that always cooperates with the client to understand his needs. Sio Creation works in areas such as projecting, design, renovations and also furniture and textile designunique_lounge_ideas_sio_2  Unique Lounge Ideas unique lounge ideas sio 2


Our favorite piece in this story would be Ella Suspension Lamp of DelightFULL. We simply love the way it fits the lounge room.


Unique Lounge Ideas bl lamps 750

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